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Environmentally Sustainable

Our hovercraft is engineered to reduce impact on our coastal habitat.

  • Highly fuel efficient
  • Low intertidal and riparian zone impact
  • No underwater noise (whale friendly)
  • Low overall noise (bird and people friendly)
  • Ultra-low wake at any speed (reduces beach erosion)


Hovercraft can traverse any maritime environment regardless of water depth.

  • Runs day or night
  • Lands and launches from anywhere
  • Does not require special facilities (docks, piers, etc.)

Multiple Applications

What can West Coast Hovercraft do for you?

  • Marine Freight
  • Emergency Response
  • Charters and Eco-Tourism
  • Rapid Commuter Transit

The Story of West Coast Hovercraft

Our story begins 15 years ago when I purchased property on a water access island in the Salish Sea near Nanaimo.

I love the remoteness and sense of adventure that comes along with owning property in such a unique location. At the time, I was a helicopter mechanic in the offshore oil industry. As such, I was well aware of the utility and access the right mode of transport enables and I quickly became disillusioned with the environmental destruction and prodigious upkeep that docks and jetties represent. I've spent many nights sitting by the fire thinking "there has to be a better way." This has led to the purchase and construction of a welded aluminum landing craft as well as an amphibious jeep, both of which I still own.

When I stumbled upon Kitty Hawk (our first hovercraft), she was up in Yellowknife, NT. As soon as I saw what she was capable of, I was hooked. Her speed and efficiency are second to none. Her near-zero underwater noise signature and light footprint are ideal for minimizing impact on our beautiful marine environment, full of humpbacks, dolphins, sea lions and endangered southern resident orcas. The ability to land on any beach makes her the most versatile watercraft on the market and the lack of need for any special infrastructure solves as many customer problems as it does environmental ones...so I purchased the Kitty Hawk and founded West Coast Hovercraft.

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About Us

West Coast Hovercraft is committed to connecting BC's south coast and island communities with fast, environmentally conscious, customer-oriented service through our fleet of hovercraft vessels.

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